Habana Cowboy Cigar Lounge

Mobile Cigar Lounge

Enjoy the Habana Cowboy Mobile Cigar Lounge parked on property throughout the day as well as during the evenings live entertainment.

The Habana Cowboy Story

The story begins with a cigar and a couple of Texans determined to traverse this great world with a few ideas in mind.  We set out to retrace the steps of one Mr. Ernest Miller Hemingway.  This great journey has afforded us the ability to acquire a vast knowledge and appreciation for deep cigar conversations.  Our passion for discovery of cigars, wine, spirits, and interesting travel destinations has led us down the path of creating a carefully curated Texas Mobile Cigar Lounge: TX Pilar.

We are firm believers that the ladies should always shine the brightest in the room.  This elegant lady is no exception.  A vintage ’71 Airstream designed to deliver a premium cigar lounge experience for even the most discerning cigar aficionado.  TX Pilar seats 16-18 guests comfortably and is crewed by interesting tobacconists. She prides herself in making your event memorable.

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