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Don’t miss our exclusive seminars where you’ll learn everything you need to grow your business. We’ll see you in San Antonio on Monday, August 19, 2019, for the 6th Annual Texas Bar & Nightclub Convention. Enjoy the La Villita Assembly Hall in downtown San Antonio, next to the River Walk.

Check out everything that'll be happening!


Exhibitors Move-in 2pm-6pm
Arrival Sunday night in San Antonio.


9 a.m. to 11:30am — Exhibitors Move-In

noon to 6 p.m. — Show Hours


1 p.m. | Seminar Room 1 — Bar & Nightclub Insurance 101… Meet the tag team duo of Zach Harvey & Tyler Weber with SIG/The Harvey group >>> Learn More

1:30 p.m. | Seminar Room 2 — When Booze Meets Your Bottom Line: 7 Tips for Building a Profitable Bar. Presented by Delayne Pickle, Director of Client Services at Tabulate>>> Learn More

2 p.m. | Seminar Room 1 — Ice 101…Does ice actually make a difference?  Ice applications including a hand carving demo. Presented by Javier Flores of FAT ICE>>> Learn More

2:30 p.m. | Seminar Room 2 — A Journey through America: Understanding American Whiskey! >>> Learn More

3 p.m. | Seminar Room 1 — Texas Mixed Beverage Audits…Pitfalls to avoid. Featuring Curtis Osterloh and Steve Britt from the Law offices of Scott, Douglass & McConnico>>> Learn More

5 p.m. | Seminar Room 1 — $8 Healthcare for Employees >>> Learn More

5:30 p.m. — Rebecca Creek Distillery Tour >>> Learn More

6 to 8 p.m. — Exhibitor Move-Out

9 p.m. to midnight — Exclusive VIP concert (Entertainment TBA)

Midnight to 2 a.m. — After party at Drink Texas on the River Walk


Musicians on the Patio:
1 p.m. — Entertainment TBA
2 p.m. — Entertainment TBA
3 p.m. — Entertainment TBA
4 p.m. — Entertainment TBA


1 P.M. Seminar - Room 1

Is Your Bar or Nightclub Insured? Protecting Your Assets
Zach Harvey, President, SIG/The Harvey Group
Tyler Weber, Vice President/Managing Partner, SIG/The Harvey Group

With lawsuits on the rise, risk aversion is more important than ever before. In this seminar, bar and nightclub insurance experts Zach Harvey and Tyler Weber walk you through everythingyou need to know about what is — and what isn’t — covered in your insurance policy, ensuring you and your assets are always protected.

left: Zach Harvey, President
right: Tyler Weber, VP-Managing Partner

1:30 P.M. Seminar - Room 2

When Booze Meets Your Bottom Line: 7 Tips for Building a Profitable Bar
Presented by Delayne Pickle, Director of Client Services at Tabulate

From startups to established venues, Delayne has worked with hundreds of bars and restaurants during her 30+ years in the industry and has experienced firsthand the key financial ingredients to building a profitable bar business, and the mistakes to avoid. Join the discussion as she shares her insights on operating a successful bar and answers your questions.

Tabulate delivers bookkeeping, payroll, and business intelligence services exclusively for bars and restaurants though its own proprietary technology and is committed to making financial data immediately accessible and useful to bars and restaurants of all sizes at highly affordable prices.

2 P.M. Seminar - Room 1

ICE 101: How important is ice and does it make a difference?
Javier Flores

Javier Flores of FAT ICE will walk you through the history of ice.  Does ice actually make a difference?  Can you grow more profits around the ice you use.  Learn about different ice applications and watch a hand carving demo.

2:30 P.M. Seminar - Room 2

A Journey through America: Understanding American Whiskey
Russ Kempton

The attendees will gain new knowledge and understanding for American Whiskies history, insights, mystic, heritage and new discovery.


Bourbon – Made anywhere in the US, with a minimum of 51% corn plus a combination of rye, barley or wheat, distilled at 160 proof or less, not introduced to the barrel at higher than 125 proof and aged in charred new white oak barrels. The barrels can only be used once, and then discarded. 95% of the Bourbon is still produced in Kentucky. No additives can be introduced.

All Bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is Bourbon.

Sour Mash – Uses a quantity of leftover liquid from previous mash to start new mash.

3 P.M. Seminar - Room 1

Texas Mixed Beverage Audits…Pitfalls to Avoid
Featuring Curtis Osterloh and Steve Britt
From the Law offices of Scott, Douglass & McConnico

If you are ever involved in a Texas mixed beverage audit, you need to know the do’s and don’ts of what to do and say.
Curtis Osterloh and Steve Britt will walk you through examples and problems that can and do occur when an audit is requested.

left: Steve Brit
right: Curtis Osterloh

5:00 P.M. Seminar - Room 1

$8 Healthcare for Employees – Don’t buy health insurance – Buy Healthcare!
Presented by Kirby Kaden, Managing Partner for Innovision Telemedicine Solutions.
We’ll show you how to keep your employees healthy and keep your costs down.

5:00 P.M. Rebecca Creek Tour

Join us for a tour of Rebecca Creek Distillery 
Includes complimentary beverages and food
For all TBNA Convention attendees, make plans to catch the Rebecca Creek Bus at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, in front of La Villita Assembly Hall for a tour of Rebecca Creek Distillery. Your evening tour will include complimentary beverages and food, plus an informative and fun tour of Rebecca Creek. The bus will return all attendees in time for the evening concert.

9 P.M. Private Concert & Party

FREE for all Attendees & Participating Vendors 
Presented by Silver Eagle Distributors, Rebecca Creek Whiskey & Enchanted Rock Vodka

Enjoy a FREE private concert & party at the La Villita Assembly Hall.

This year’s concert will feature exciting entertainment that is guaranteed to be a great time for all attendees.  Best of all it’s included with the purchase of your day pass for attending the TBNA Convention.   We’ll be announcing our 2019 entertainment package real soon.

Don’t miss the fun.


About Randy Rogers

Country Recording Artist
Country Recording Artist Randy Rogers will be our headliner entertainment for the Private Concert. Rogers a native of cleburne, Texas, has charted seven singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. He has also been nomiated for the Academy of Country Music Award Top Vocal Group of the Year.  This is a private concert for TBNA Convention attendees/vendors. Credentials will be required for Admittance.

Midnight After Party

After our VIP concert, the party isn’t over yet. End the night in epic fashion at our exclusive, private after party sponsored by our friends at Drink Texas located on the beautiful River Walk.

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